Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services apply strategies to reduce IT assets and overhead costs by using more efficient technologies.

When you sign up for Managed IT services with us, you’ll immediately cut down on your IT maintenance cost and complexity. Smuczer, Inc. will service your entire network bringing your company significant savings.

When it comes to IT infrastructure, many don’t notice that as time goes by, the costs of repairing and maintaining computer hardware start to exceed the cost of the hardware itself. Most businesses operate with a various different manufacturers, resulting in a system filled with logistical nightmares, inefficiencies, and unnecessary, avoidable costs.

Protect the investment you’ve already made in your IT Infrastructure by maximizing the lifespan and performance of your existing equipment with Managed IT services from Smuczer, Inc.


Remote Support
Do you need an IT Partner to count on for support?

With our Managed IT solutions, you will have support for your network. When an issue arises, you can talk to a friendly specialist who knows your systems.

Network Management

Are your computers slowing down because of your network?

A network is like an airport terminal for your information. We manage your network to ensure that it is running optimally and smoothly. With our network management, you can forget server crashes, costly downtime, and unnecessary data loss.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

If your physical location is damaged, is your critical data safe?

Selected critical data is automatically and securely sent to our datacenter for storage. The remote storage is geographically redundant, constantly monitored, and fully encrypted to HIPPA standards. If a disaster or failure strikes, you can rest easy knowing your data is secure and get back to running your business.

Local Backup

Do you want an efficient and reliable solution for locally backing up your data?

We install, configure, update, and monitor the local backup of your server. Backup, Disaster and Recovery (BDR) Appliance prevents lost production time by providing system back up of it’s data. We verify everything runs successfully, and if there is a problem we proactively address it. There is peace of mind in knowing your critical data is secure, and quickly recoverable.

Security Management

Is the security of your data important to you?

With Smuczer, Inc.’s Managed IT solutions, we perform periodic inventory management, vulnerability scans, backup audits, and other testing as required by HIPAA, PCI, and HITECH regulations. With Smuczer, Inc. your data is safe and secure.

Desktop & Server Security

Do you want to protect your system from viruses and other harmful tech scams?

Our reliable industry leading anti-virus security programs protect your systems against new and existing viruses and other malware. We monitor your system 24/7/365 to ensure that your system is protected – we keep your investment healthy and safe.

With Smuczer, Inc.’s experts of Managed IT professionals on your team, you can forget unexpected costs, eliminate downtime, and increase productivity while knowing your data is safe, and secure.

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